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Seabex One    
Fittings Kit Required:    
Manufacturer:   Graupner
Length:   1450mm
Width:   260mm
Total Weight:   approx 9,000g
Construction:   100% To build up, mainly ABS
Motors required:   4 x 600 BB Turbo (M-6314)
Drive units required:   4 * Kortz thrusters (M-1775) and
2 * Thruster adapters (M-1775-1)
Radio required:   MC 20 Graupner
Battery required:   3 X 12V
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The diver support ship, Seabex One was designed for a multitude of North Sea operational tasks. Deep sea operations, underwater welding, submarine construction work firefighting, rescue and evacuations tasks have all been  performed by the full size Seabex One. This model has been engineered from the original blueprints and offers the modeller a broad range of interesting special functions.  Due to its large size it can accommodate many R/C functions.   The recommended drive system is provided by the ingenious Graupner SPPS thrusters which can rotate up to 90 degrees making it possible to turn Seabex One on its own axis.  All the superstructure parts are supplied in ABS, plus a large range of miscellaneous parts which increase the model's scale appearance.